Anna Kępińska

Creative producer

Born in 1975 in Wrocław.
Graduated from the Organisation of Film and Television Production at the K. Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia in Katowice.
In 1998-2008, she worked for the BESTA FILM group of companies. From the production and production side, she has made many documentaries in co-productions with ZDF/ARTE and TVP, among others, the series "Mysteries of Russia" Sternflustern", "Swedish Tango" and the first Polish documentary soap opera "Hospital of the Child Jesus" , "Centre of Hope" as well as feature series "Big break" "Pensjonat pod różą", "Plebania".
Since 2003 she has been running TELEMARK sp. z o.o. as its co-owner, board member and creative producer.
As a creative producer at TELEMARK, she has produced award-winning documentaries, e.g. 'Entangled', 'Over the Limit', feature film 'Interior' (dir. M. Lechki) and feature series, e.g. 'Londoners' season 1-2 (TVP), 'In Treatment' season 1-3 (HBO), 'Pact' season 1-2 (HBO) , 'Illegals' season 1 (Canal +). "High Water" (Netflix) is the latest production of which she is also the originator.